Saturday, August 25, 2012

Small Starts -- A Basic Healing Tea

I'm really excited to have ordered the dry herbs for my first herbal healing blend.  I've based it on some of my family's and friends' general health needs so it can be used to nourish, support, and heal a broad array of imbalances while other herbs can be added separately to further individualize things.

I based it on my readings of Maria Treben's writings.  I began noticing that a high percentage of her herbal recommendations repeated use of infusions that included three herbs:  stinging nettle, yarrow, and calendula.

One of my goals in selecting specific herbs for formulas is to stay with those whose actions are safe and also time-proven.  I also prefer a blend that supports balance and is not harsh, but is effective.

The only caution I can find for the use of a couple of these herbs is to not use them during pregnancy or while trying to conceive.  I suspect that applies as a precaution against using them in large quantities if pregnant, but I prefer the better-safe-than-sorry approach at all times.

So far, my herbal blend will use Maria Treben's basic three, but will also add a few others in time.

To date, the one I'll start with will include:

Stinging Nettle

(at later date, perhaps, will also include)

I like the idea of a blend to use daily for improvement in a broad range of areas and body systems, more as a tonic.  I have yet to figure out how the energetics rate in terms of TCM and ayurveda, since I'm so new to them.  But I like a base "tea" that can be tweaked with the addition of other specific herbs as needed, and I love the proven track record the Basic Three has, and plantain seemed a cohesive partner.

I'll follow up with the properties of each herb in another post.  Just wanted to note my Starter Healing Tea, and that my family and some friends will be trying them and keeping notes on any effects, positive or negative...and reporting back :)

Do you have a blend of herbs you use as your base for other blends, and what led you to choose each of them?  I'd love to know!

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